Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Gigs Using IndieFlow - FAQs

Yes, IndieFlow has a booking portal which allows independent artists to organize and streamline booking requests with venues.

With the IndieFlow platform you can send dynamic EPKs to venues and adapt your booking requests based on the venue the request is sent to.

The venue can choose dates on your dynamic EPK and the dates sync back into your booking portal.

Within your gigs section choose add a new Gig and select Pitch to Venue.

If you have previously added venues into your contact library choose a previous contact or choose Add New Venue if you would like to add a new venue into your contact library.

Drag tracks from your media library within your sidebar into the tracks area and add a video link into video link field.

Click Save and Preview and send to your venue. The message you write within the message box will be sent over by email to the venue email address with a link to your branded EPK.

The social links, picture, cover picture and description are editable through your profile section within IndieFlow. To make the best use of the booking request design we recommend to write a two sentence description.

To keep track of which venues replied, sent over dates, responded or confirmed the date go into your Proposed Gigs section on IndieFlow.

Click on the venue name within your Proposed Gigs list to get more details on the status of the gig, read the venue’s messages or follow up if the venue has not responded.

Yes! All events created within IndieFlow can sync into your personal calendar and send you reminders to your phone.

Currently venue contacts are input into IndieFlow by the artists and IndieFlow helps in the streamlining of the process.

All your venue and contact information are private to your account and can only be accessable to you and your team.

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