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Distributing Your Music Using IndieFlow - FAQs

IndieFlow currently distribute to 29 streaming services and stores. Spotify, Apple Music, ITunes, Amazon Music, Deezer, TikTok, iHeart Radio, Pandora are of course on our list.

IndieFlow is built for the workflow of independent musicians and we know that sometimes a single artist can have several artist names.

For that reason as an IndieFlow artist you are able to distribute for all artist names where you are a primary artist. Artists are not limited to the number of artist names they use as long as they are the creators of the music.

Yes! IndieFlow artists can add unlimited collaborators to the tracks they release and distribute through IndieFlow.

Using IndieFlow’s distribution service you can add collaborators, credit them on the streaming services and split royalties automatically. Each collaborator added receives free access to the IndieFlow platform where they can see their split and royalties generated for the track.

IndieFlow artists can view their last month total royalties within their main dashboard or royalties generated by track within their distribution dashboard.

IndieFlow’s team of music managers can also provide reporting of royalties by geo or by platform so that artists can tap into more data and information on what audiences their music resonates with.

IndieFlow artists and their collaborators receive 100% of the streaming royalties. No transaction fees are taken on the transfer of the royalties into the Stripe account of the users.


IndieFlow integrates with SongTrust – providing users with an end to end admin solution for publishing and songwriting administation on ASCAP and BMI.

IndieFlow also administrate the music on the MLC for the collection of mechanical royalties.

The integration with SongTrust also allow artists to collect royalties from international PROs. All done in one simple to use and transparent dashboard.

IndieFlow do not take any percentage out of the performing or mechanical royalties generated, SongTrust take a 15% fee for the admin work.

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