Frequently Asked Questions

Managing Your Music Projects Using IndieFlow

IndieFlow Projects allow you to manage your tasks, due dates, schedules and files in one place.

Using project templates you can plan your next music release or video shoot.

Project sketches allows you to share ideas, beats and audio files with your collaborators or clients.

Using IndieFlow payments you can send payment requests and invoices to your clients and receive credit card payments straight to your bank account.

To create a release plan within IndieFlow just add a new music project using the Add Project within your projects tab and click on Release Template. A release plan will be populated for you under the Release Plan tab within the project.

The release plan is split out into different plan sections: Content, digital assets, social media, publishing, digital distribution, marketing and promotion & other promotional ideas.

You can add dates to the plan and have it sync into your calendar, keep track of progress and more…

You can always add or remove tasks and additional sections into and from your release plan to make your next release is executed to perfection.

Definitely! To plan your next music video shoot using IndieFlow just “Add Project” within your projects tab and click on Music Video Template

To share beats, stems, recordings and audio files of any kind just go to your sketches tab and create a new sketch.

Drag your audio files from the sidebar on the right hand side of your screen into the sketches area and send to your client or collaborator.

Once sending over the files a branded landing page is shared with your client / collaborator through email. Your client and collaborator can reply back with comments, files, download the shared files and like or dislike the music that was shared.

Yes! You can always decide whether your shared track is downloadable or not. Before sharing an audio file you have the option to check or uncheck: Allow recipients to download the track within the sketch.

IndieFlow’s project tab support files of any kind. Video, image and artwork and of course your music and audio files.

IndieFlow allows you to share branded invoices with your clients through your payments tab within projects tab. Clients can pay you for your music projects via credit card.

The funds are transferred immediately to the Stripe account connected to IndieFlow and from there you can withdraw funds at any time to your bank account.

Yes. Stripe charge a credit card fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per successful credit card transaction. This fee is common across all credit card processing providers.

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