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Promoting Your Music with IndieFlow - FAQs

IndieFlow artists can launch Spotify playlist pitching campaigns (pitching to Spotify user generated playlist) and paid advertising campaigns on Instagram and Facebook using the IndieFlow dashboard.

After filling out your track information in the Promotions section, your track will go through a quick review process to make sure your song is a good match for our playlist inventory.

We work with a broad selection of playlist curators from various genres, and before submitting to them our A&R team filters the playlists that could match your genre and budget.

We will then send you a confirmation and direct you to your Promotions section to finalize the payment for your campaign. Once payment is finalized, we will launch the campaign. Depending on your budget selection, we will submit your track immediately to our curators and do follow ups where needed.

Campaigns take between 1-4 weeks depending on your budget.

After filling out your track information in the Promotions section, your track will go through a quick review process to make sure your song is a good fit with Instagram and Facebook promotion.

We highly recommend having a 20 second video teaser of your track with a Spotify logo on the video teaser if you want to direct listeners to Spotify.

After our marketing team reviews your track and video, we will notify you that the campaign is ready to launch. You will then be asked to complete a payment process in order to launch the campaign.

To share beats, stems, recordings and audio files of any kind just go to your sketches tab and create a new sketch.

Drag your audio files from the sidebar on the right hand side of your screen into the sketches area and send to your client or collaborator.

Once sending over the files a branded landing page is shared with your client / collaborator through email. Your client and collaborator can reply back with comments, files, download the shared files and like or dislike the music that was shared.

No. You can do this yourself through artists.spotify.com . Make sure to distribute your track enough time in advance so the stores will receive it at least 2 weeks prior to your release date.

We cannot guarantee any placements. Spotify playlist curators have a certain taste and do their best to maintain a good relationship with their followers. They wont just put any song on their playlists which is why its important to select the right songs for to promote.

IndieFlow’s account managers can assist in choosing the right song for your playlist pitching campaign.

The number of playlists your track is pitched to depends on your budget.

On average, we pay $1-$5 per submission depending on how popular the playlist is.

That is your call. Some of your songs will obviously be better than others.

If you have a large budget and would like to invest in all of the songs equally, that is one way to go.

We do recommend putting more in the songs that have a stronger impact on people, so it could be wise to choose your top 2-3 songs and put most of your budget on their promotion.

To help you decide which track is better, you can create a playlist and send out your songs to friends and fans and get their feedback directly to your IndieFlow account.

This can help you decide which track you should put more emphasis on. To do this, go to Projects & Create New Project then within the Sketches Tab  simply build a playlist from the tracks in your track library.

We would recommend to start with a budget of $80 – $100 for your social media or Spotify playlist pitching campaigns.

Based on the initial results from the ad spend the IndieFlow team can already report back to you how the campaign is performing and whether it can be scaled.

The IndieFlow team would be happy to report back cost per click, estimated cost per listen and cost per results and assist you in understanding how you benchmark in comparison with artists of the same genre.

No! We hand pick the playlists we work with & will not submit your music to any playlist which we detect bot activity on.

IndieFlow takes a 15% fee of the ad spend used for the campaigns.

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